The baby was yelling and crying frantically

Sampreet Kaur

This was about 7 years ago. My cousins and I went to a local park with our kids that evening. On our way out, my cousin noticed a man carrying a baby girl in his arms to a side of the park where no one usually goes.

The baby was yelling and crying frantically. You could call it a gut feeling but we sensed trouble. He hurriedly passed by us and we asked why he was taking the kid that side. He was obviously taken aback and we being moms could not resist taking prompt action.

The people stopped as they heard and the man put the baby down and ran away in a whoosh. Maybe some guys followed him. We took the kid to the security where her family was already standing to try and get help for their missing child.

The kid's mom burst into tears of relief when she saw the baby and we were so relieved as well!

Why didn't I report?

It was solved before that


Don't be shy.


All of this happened in our family homes.