FAQ and Privacy


1. Will my identity be kept anonymous if I so wish?

Yes, if you want to remain anonymous you may post without a name or other identifiers. If you feel your safety will be compromised by adding certain details, please do not add those details.

2. How do I post?

Please visit http://howrevealing.com/story/create and share your experience online on our website. In the alternative, you can send us an email on info@howrevealing.com or on howrevealing@gmail.com . Please be sure that if you wish to remain anonymous, your identity is safe with us.

3. Why can't I post directly?

We wish to root out spam and ensure that the content is authentic and does not contain abusive language.

4. Is there anything we wouldn't publish?

As mentioned above, we will not publish stories that have abusive language or are abusive towards someone who has posted their experience on the website.

5. Why are you collecting my email id?

This is to make sure that we receive authentic experiences and to enable us to notify you when your story is published. Your email id is safe and secure and will not be shared with anyone, under any circumstances.

6. Who is behind How Revealing?

We are a group of young Indians, passionate about doing our bit to break the dangerous stereotypes surrounding safety and security in India for everyone but especially for women, trans persons and children. Our group includes a lawyer, and a few graphic designers and website developers. We want to create a repository of experiences unique to India and serve as a one-stop place for those who wish to know more and/or share their experiences with sexual assault and sexism in India.